Construction Progress
Nathan Benderson Park - Sarasota, FL
Boat Access Ramp - Southeast  Boat Access Ramp - West   Dredging - South  Dredging North Island Access Bridge   Island Mass Grading  Cattleman Road Extensions  Park Improvements

Boat Access
Ramp - SE

 Boat Access
Ramp - West



 Island Access

 Island Mass

 Cattleman Road


 Nathan Benderson Park Progress
The park is currently closed to all pedestrians and bicycle traffic. We anticipate opening the park in September 2013.

The New Boat ramp located off Cattlemen Rd. will be open for Public use in January. The existing boat ramp will be closed and removed once new ramp is open.

*Once the new Boat Ramp is open the park will be closed and gated off for construction access only.

Boat Access Ramp - West   BOAT ACCESS RAMP – WEST – January 2013

Construction is currently underway, with an anticpated opening of January 23rd.

Dredging South   DREDGING – SOUTH – JANUARY 2013

Dredging is roughly 65% complete.

Dredging North   DREDGING – NORTH – FEBRUARY 2013

Dredging is roughly 65% complete.

Island Bridge Access   ISLAND BRIDGE ACCESS – FEBRUARY 2013

Construction of the island bridges is currently underway.

Island Mass Grading   ISLAND MASS GRADING – FEBRUARY 2013

Grading work on the island will start late December, this operation will consist of bulldozers and excavators shaping and rough grading of the island

Cattleman Road Extension   CATTLEMEN ROAD EXTENSION – MARCH 2013

It is anticipated that cattlemen Rd will be open to the public

Park Improvements   PARK IMPROVEMENTS (PHASE 1) – SEPTEMBER 2013

The Phase 1 & 2 park improvements located on the west and southern end of the lake is currently out to bid. With an anticipated awarded in January

Construction would begin immediately and continue thru September of 2013. The scope of work will consist of insulation of neighborhood buffers, earthmoving, underground utility work, park trails and path ways, new roadway New pedestrian bridge(s) along cattlemen and the north entrance to the park.

Cattleman Road Extension - Aerial   Park Progress - Aerial  Park Progress Aerial 2