Rowing at Nathan Benderson Park Rowing

Rowing is one of the oldest Olympic Sports and is currently one of the fastest growing sports throughout the world. Rowing athletes of all different levels will have the opportunity to train and compete on an incredible 2,000+ meter sprint course, specifically designed to meet international rowing standards. Its 3.5 meter depth, perfectly straight exteriors and lack of current provide for an ideal facility, only comparable to those seen in Europe (which is considered to be the best.) Rowing athletes will strive to use this man made piece of perfection for both recreational purposes and serious training and competition.

Canoe-Kayak at Nathan Benderson Park Canoe & Kayak

Canoe and Kayaking also knows a type of paddle sport, was initially used as a method of transportation throughout North America, the Amazon Basin and Polynesia. It has developed into both a recreational activity and a competitive sport. NBP’s 2000+ Meter Lake will be an ideal facility for canoe and Kayak recreational usage as well as canoe racing at the local, regional and national levels. Skills needed for canoeing and kayaking will be taught and acquired on this extraordinary flat water lake, ideal for any categorized paddle sport.

Dragon Boat Dragon Boat

Dragon boat racing, the basis of all team paddling sports can be routed back to ancient china where it was originally used for rituals, religious ceremonies and customs. Eventually, it emerged into modern times as an international sport. NBP’s 2000+ meter, flat water lake is extremely conducive for these lengthy and ancient looking boats. Each boat can hold up to 20 people creating opportunities for corporate bonding activities, charity events, recreational usage and professional/competitive racing.

Triathlons Triathlons

The triathlon is a multi-stage competition involving the completion of three sequential activities which most often are swimming, biking and running. Triathlons are held all over the world, in all different environments and conditions, with a variety of distances. NBP’s massive 600 acre land plot, with the inclusion of a shell loop trail, a 15ft wide asphalt trail wrapping around the entire circumference and a 2000+ meter lake, proves to be the perfect location for a triathlon event. Landscapes perfectly designed to surround the course only aid in the perfection of this remarkable course. Athletes will have the opportunity to train and race in a safe, controlled, state of the arch environment.

Camps Camps

NBP will provide a variety of camps throughout the entire year. These camps will be multi purposed to correlate with the many sports and activities offered including Rowing, Canoe & Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, triathlons and much more. Coaches, staff, team members, professionals, and special guests will all take part in the camps offered. The team and Park will create an impressive, safe, educational and above all fun experience for any attendee.

5-10K Runs 5-10K Runs

Both 5k and 10k races will be held on NBP’s 600 acre land plot. The Park includes a variety of unique and scenic trails, a 15ft asphalt trail surrounded the exterior and many other additional amenities. The multipurpose facility will hold both professional and amateur races and include racing events supporting and affiliated with a variety of charities and organizations.

Adaptive Sports Adaptive Sports

Individuals who have medical conditions or physical handicaps will be able to participate in exercising and sporting activities adapted specifically to their limitations right at NBP. NBP’s lake will be a disabled user friendly, safe facility that will both have and hold adaptive activities like rowing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming. Special coaches and equipment will be provided to accommodate the needs of these individuals and help to run the program successfully.

Stand-up Paddle board Stand Up Paddleboard

The popularity of the modern sport of SUP'ing originated in the Hawaiian Islands, in the early 1960s. Beach boys would stand on their long boards, and paddle distances outside reef break using outrigger paddles. Today the sport is gaining in popularity specifically in areas like protected coastal waters and lakes. NBP’s 2000+ meter lake will be an ideal destination to practice this sport both leisurely and competitively.

Wake Board Wake Board

Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques. The rider is usually towed behind a motorboat, typically at speeds of 17–24 miles per hour, depending on the water conditions, board size, rider's weight, type of tricks, and rider's comfort speed. NBP’s specially designed 2000+ meter lake will be an ideal destination to safely partake in this activity.

Kayak Polo Kayak Polo

Kayak polo otherwise known as canoe polo will be held in the 2000+ meter, open bodied lake. The 3.5 depths and lack of currant will make for an excellent “field” for this competitive sport. Canoe Polo involves 2 teams of 5 players, each in a kayak which will be supplied by NBP. The object of the game is to not-so-simply get the ball into the opponent’s goal. There is a specific set time and the team scoring the most goals wins. NBP’s costumed designed bleachers with the ability to move per event will be an excellent spot to stop and cheer this exciting event on.

Cross Country Cross Country

NBP’s 600 acre land mass, engrossed with scenic trails, beautiful landscapes and unique lengthy, courses, make for an excellent location for cross country running. Cross Country runners will have the opportunity to race on open-air courses over natural terrain. Long distance runners will be able to run for pleasure and competitively. Triathlons, which incorporate a segment of long distance running have already been booked to be held at this ideal destination.

Corporate Training Corporate Training

NBP offers a variety of programs developed to help strengthen team building and improve leadership development. Corporations have the opportunity to be in a world class center with world class athletes and coaches and in turn, receive world class team building to strengthen their skills.

Festivals Festivals

NBP is a destination that will attract different festivals and activities. Whether it’s in the water like the infamous dragon boat festivals or on the land, NBP’s incredible amenities can support all sorts of venue, efficiently and safely. The park is easy to get to and close to high end shopping and other world class destinations.

Community Park Community Park

NBP strives first and foremost to meet the needs, goals and wishes of its surrounding community by creating a facility ensuring community participation and involvement through its amenities. Four adventure parks along the western shoreline of the lake as well as fitness stations, concessions stands, play grounds and other recreational water activities like rowing, swimming, canoe and kayaking will do just this. The community park will conduct outreach programs and will provide an economic impact.

Community Wellness Outreach Community Wellness Outreach

NBP offers a variety of programs to the surrounding community to help improve everyday life. Some of the programs offered will be the PAL (Police Athletic League) which gives the opportunity to young athletes to develop team work and leadership. It will also be a rehabilitation destination for veterans and first responders as a result of Post dramatic stress syndrome. The community will have the opportunity to choose from a quantity of programs offered.

Open Water Swim Open Water Swim

NBP’s 2000+ meter lake is ideal for individuals who swim competitively in events like triathlons, long distance swimming and or recreationally. Open water swimming has grown in popularity over the recent years and will continue down this path. The specifically designed lake can support a plethora of events at one time, while being surrounded by a gorgeous, safe, controlled environment.

Guided Tours at Nathan Benderson Park Guided Tours

NBP’s various trails and unbelievable landscape will provide for incredible scenery and the desire to want to explore the surrounding environment. Bird watching and Eco tours will be given throughout the park to promote a greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society and culture. Community members and visitors can view the true beauty of NBP’s natural environment, creating environmental and cultural awareness, resulting in an economic impact.

High Performance Athlete Training High Performance Athlete Training

NBP’s elite and world class facilities offer access to top of the line equipment, trainers, coaches and knowledge to develop and produce high quality athletes through specific training programs. This method of training used at NBP will develop, maintain and improve both physical and mental preparedness to make for a better athlete, whether you are training for the Olympics, a High School Sport, or for self-satisfaction.