Nathan Benderson Park    Nathan Benderson Park

In Nathan Benderson Park lies a 400-acre lake that county officials and local developers believe may be the next top rowing
and spectator facility. The park, located just east of Honore Avenue between 17th Street and University Parkway, could
transform into a year-round rowing destination attracting national and international rowing events. The improvements for the
county park are estimated at $2 million. The park’s namesake, Nathan Benderson, committed $1 million to the park, and the
county may invest up to $5 million.

Ft Hamer Park   Fort Hamer Park

Fort Hamer Park, located in northern Manatee County, is located along the Manatee River and is home to a boat ramp,
dock and beginning in 2011 at boat house that will serve as a storage facility and training center for rowers.

Blackburn Point Bay Preserve at Osprey   Blackburn Point Bay Preserve at Osprey

One of the best bay views in the County is here! Located on Little Sarasota Bay, this is a popular fishing destination, offering
some of the finest shallow water fishing in the area (a bait shop is located nearby). This is also a good spot for bird watching
and to see manatees. The park provides canoe/kayak launch points for the South Creek Paddle Trail and Neville Marine
Preserve Trail. Paddlers should be aware of motorized boats. Be sure to check out the historic one lane swing bridge.